Mandated COVID Status is Becoming a Reality for Businesses in Major Cities Throughout the Country

PROVEN Can Get You in the Door

Major cities are starting to require vaccine status at restaurants, fitness clubs and other public venues in order to keep residents safe. In fact, New York City, San Fransisco, Los Angeles and New Orleans are among the first to put orders in place.
PROVEN can get you in the door by declaring you safe for entry. No one needs to know if you’ve been vaccinated or not. Only that you are safe and COVID-free. In New Orleans, for instance, you need to show either proof of a COVID-19 vaccine or a recent negative COVID-19 test to go inside restaurants, bars, or other indoor venues. In addition, many larger corporations such as Facebook are deciding on their own to require COVID status for all of their employees.
As of now, there is no nationally recognized way to show proof of vaccine, but flimsy vaccine cards are easily faked, and tend to not hold up in people’s wallets, which suggests better methods – like PROVEN – will do a better job.
As more and more cities recognize the need to keep citizens safe as new variants make their way through the country and the globe, you can expect more mandates to take effect.
Make sure you are ready for mandates whenever and wherever they appear and that you’re good to go with PROVEN.

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