What is PROVEN ?

PROVEN allows large and small corporations and governmental entities to manage COVID-19 status for employees, contractors, and customers in an easy-to-use and simple passport format.

Is the Health Pass ID simple and intuitive?
The Health Pass is color-coded with an easy and secure process to register and review.
Who has access to my Health Pass data?
All information is reviewed by licensed healthcare clinicians including nurses and doctors in an encrypted portal and follows all HIPAA compliant and regulatory protocols. A simple red or green QR code screen is provided to the organization checking your status to keep users’ personal healthcare information private…. No one needs to know if you’ve been vaxxed or not! Just that you’re safe to enter.
How does it work if I don’t have a COVID-19 Vaccination?
If you are opposed to vaccinations or have a medical reason not to be vaccinated, you still should be able to move about freely. PROVEN has an alternative route to clearance for unvaccinated users that uses a symptom checker to verify your status with the clinical staff at NAHA Health. When you show a green light to enter, you’re good to go. No questions asked.

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