PROVEN provides simple, accessible and cost-effective technology that allows governments, businesses, schools, tourism boards, sporting events and more to allow safe, full capacity of their facilities during emergency circumstances like COVID-19 and whatever may come next on a local, national or even international basis.

By working with inventors and innovators on creating and maintaining the latest technological capabilities, our goal is to continue to partner with organizations around the Globe that need to keep their doors open for business, tourism, hospitals, education and more through, not only the final stages of COVID-19, but any and all pandemics and other emergency situations that may not yet have been envisioned.

Our Partnership

PROVEN has partnered with NAHA Health to safely protect the personal health information of each one of our clients and is a fully HIPAA-compliant private way to share your vaccination and health status with a healthcare provider. We all want to keep our families and co-workers safe and PROVEN provides an intuitive mobile-friendly tool to help protect our community.

NAHA Health quickly utilizes healthcare professionals to reviews users’ vaccination and health status for PROVEN customers. That clearance is uploaded to the mobile app by PROVEN prior to attending large events, school, airports, shopping and anywhere that large crowds gather. PROVEN gives peace of mind to individuals and the assurance to businesses, governments and professional organizations who need to ensure the safety of their clients, customers and employees as they enter their property or attend their activities. PROVEN can also provide a cushioning to corporations and organizations from potential legal liability.


CERTIFY is a leading provider of patient
engagement and authentication globally which
serves millions of healthcare patients, all with the
common mandate to secure flexible engagement
solutions in a HiTrust, HIPAA- & ISO-compliant
environment. The best part? CERTIFY can be
seamlessly integrated with your existing EHR to
streamline and secure the patient journey.


The NAHA Health Care Management Model has
always included a holistic approach to wellness,
prevention, education, patient-centric assessments,
and customized Care Plans that focus on the needs
of the individual under the direction of a licensed
healthcare provider. NAHA Health incorporates
best-practice standards and social determinants in
our assessment, education, and management of
individuals with widely variant health needs.


Check My Test has delivered millions of COVID-19
test kits over the last 18 months and has seamless
supply-chain-logistics capabilities that provide
COVID collection test kits to hundreds of labs and
healthcare facilities across the Nation and abroad.
CMT has multiple laboratory reference agreements
in place in USA and Mexico to ensure a fast and safe
COVID testing experience for its clients. CMT’s
exclusive partnership with Access-DX laboratory and
Phusion-GPO encompasses state-of-the-art
compliance for test result tracking as well as more
than 30 years of experience in the laboratory sectors
with focus on molecular and next-generation testing
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